Friday, October 16, 2015

Statue of Hochiminh project in Son La

The stupid, despicable, corrupt, money-devouring guys at top and in Sơn La, North Vietnam, plan to build another statue of Hochiminh, costing 70 million USD, creating a raging uproar of objection in Vietnam. This is happening while many folks were/are dying because of the recent floods in Quang Ninh area without a coffin; many children do not have a school to learn with least decency, many poor people— kids and the elders do not have a penny to come to the hospital when they're sick; many have not just rice to eat. At the same time, other wrongly-accused citizens whose lands were robbed from many cities keep protesting under the rain to demand justice.
This is the objection from this disabled, young woman:
I don't want to see statues everywhere. I want accessibility to public space provided for people with disabilities
Van Thi Nguyen's photo.

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