Monday, July 1, 2019

Fire as Example for the Perfect Use of Sense Experiences in Primitive Time

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Here I am using fire to show how men can adapt to, and learn how to use, then make fire from sense experiences.

1.   First, men see fire. It burns their habitats, acres of forest
2.   They know it's very hot
3.   Seeing fire burn trees, they suspect wood have the ability to burn
4.   They try many times to rub wood together; they feel the heat created
5.   They rub harder and harder, choosing different wood to rub against each other.
6.   They find better and better ways to create fire.

All these steps were made possible mainly with the five senses

Thinking about, then using the process showing how fire might be made, latent in fire burning wood to understand what fire can do, what can create it, primitive men did not have to work too hard to discover how to make a fire. They did not have to resort to sophisticated faculty of reason, logic.

The sense experiences from 5 sensory organs are well equipped to make simple discoveries. As observations, data, theses, hypotheses, and layers and layers , years and years of  theory-like building, and theories have been collected, gathered and built, sense experiences have been the principal source to provide us the knowledge of the empirical world, through empirical sciences together with reasoning and experiments. In short, empirical sciences have been built generations upon generations to become better through the principal source from sense experiences.



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