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Meditation and The Art ...

Meditation and The Art of Relieving Pain, Frustration, Discomfort and Solving Problems

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A fabulous part of doing meditation is applying it intelligently to solve many of our problems that can range from toothache, headache to divorce, bankruptcy.

Here are some things that you can do to, at least, release, relieve your pain, stress, and worries.

Take the example in which you have a toothache, or muscle cramp

First, Recognize/Identify your pain : I am having a toothache, a cramp. Of course, in the physical sense, this is instantly. It tells you “instantly”.

Second, Ask : Why is it (the pain, the worry) so ? Why let it continue to be so and bother you ? This, normally, also follows instantaneously right after an idea of wanting to release, relieve, stop it.

Third, Release yourself from that pain, discomfort. How ? By the way how our mind and body communicate and work together, they know immediately how to release yourselves from the pain and discomfort. It is sort of how the sensory, motor, and integrative systems work together to tell you what to do to release, stop and relieve the pain and discomfort. They (almost) automatically tell the interneurons to give orders, or “counter-reflex to pain, discomfort” to release, or stop “the forwarding waves of that painful sensation”. To put it differently: they lift, send away the painful sensation, or shift its direction to relieve you, or cut short the continuation of that sensation— for 3, 4 to 20, 30 seconds. Everything then changes; this will also help relieving the pain. The you need to repeat the guiding process along the way when needed.

Because the pain will repeat itself for its length, for example, in the case of a toothache. You will need to repeat the process to shift it away, to release, relieve it. You will be amazed how this will help you substantially to relieve your pain, or discomfort.

Try these three steps out, and gradually, I believe they will work for you.

The same procedure of releasing, stopping, shifting can be exercised for discomfort, anger, frustration, worries, and other sensations, feelings which put heavy pressure on your hearts, or minds. It‘s like you are carrying a heavy load, and suddenly you can put it down.

For affliction, discomfort, uneasiness, worries from a more mental/psychological source, it can give you time to release, relieve so that you can have more tranquil, relaxed moments to have time to sort, or work, solve things out later. In these situations, many times the worries, the problems will not happen the ways you imagine, or think of, but arise—  many times— by the distortions of compounded fear with no logical, or rational bases.

And why does Mediation help very much with releasing and relieving these ? Because the meditation teachers, from ages, have meditated, contemplated on the very complex connection, interconnection between Mind and Body very, very thoroughly and suggested ways to practice seeing the problems with our mind and body and ways to get out, or release, relieve.


1. With the instantaneous thought of : "Stop; I want to be released of this pain, discomfort", your mind will instantaneously stop and shift the pain for some seconds, relieving the pain a great deal for you. As said above, it’s like it putting down the heavy stones you’re carrying in your sensation for you. All you have to do is repeating the process.

2. The conscious thought of wanting to stop the pain/discomfort will give message to the interneurons to coordinate effort to stop, to shift away the pain sensation.

3. With all other feelings/sensations of ugly, bothersome, grievance-causing nature, you can do the same thing to tell them to stop, or go away by following those three steps.

4. In Buddhist terms, the moment you tell your mind to stop the feeling/sensation of pain, discomfort, frustration, the ālaya-vijñāna , or store-house consciousness will interact and change turn with the mano- vijñāna (the Knowing/Mental consciousness) and other consciousnesses to occupy your mind, shift its content and direction, and relieve the strength of the pain.

Chân Huyền

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