Thursday, February 25, 2016

They even lie the same

Today I read carefully what the band TREMO said in their and Vietnam-Tibet Alliance Fighting for Freedom’s “Save Tibet” video and find out what I have suspected all along : Chinese and Vietnamese communists use the same tactics, distorted review, and misinformation to handle wrongfully-accused, or difficult cases. In short, they lie the same.
For three rather well-known cases in which these men and woman self-immolated : Monk Thich Chân Hỷ (Charlotte, N. Carolina, 12/2003), Mr. Hoàng Văn Thu, S. Vietnam ex-artillery officer ( Silver Lake, FL 06/2014), Buddhist youth leader Mrs. Lê Thị Tuyết Mai (Saigon, May 2014), the reasons for their self-immolation: protesting the submissive attitudes of the Viet cong leaders now in Ba Dinh, Hanoi. These Hanoi men kowtow to the Chinese Politburo men in problems concerning the Paracels, Spratly Islands, the last year HD-981 oil rig. The other reason for the self immolation: offering their most dedicated prayers for the peace, safety and territorial integrity of Vietnam. But in the communist party-controlled newspapers, they always report these nationalists and pacifists as having mental, social, economic or family problems, such as TREMO stated as follows:
“… In other cases some relatives of the victims declared that the authorities tried to corrupt them, asking them to say that the suicide was committed for family problems and not for political reasons.”
The real reasons behind these deaths were distorted, misinformed so bad for the sake of security of power control.
There were also 5, 7 other self burnings, which I knew, to protest many brutal, unlawful treatment from the Viet communist government ranging from land robbing, injustice, brutal murder and imprisonment, which some of the videos and links below will show


Buddhist youth leader Lê Thị Tuyết Mai

Mrs. LT Tuyết Mai self-immolated in front of the old Độc Lập ( Independence) building (May 2014)

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