Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Transition Time between 2 years at Huệ Quang (LHNam)

We were there last night at Huệ Quang ( Wisdom Light) pagoda, Santa Ana, CA

The firecrackers show started about 11 pm, both types-- Disneyland type and the "detonating" type, mostly the latter. Some detonating chains of firecrackers lasted about 1, 2 minutes. The smoke from incense and firecrackers mingled together, exhorting past remembrance, nostalgic drifting. Hue Quang temple has been known for celebrating Lunar New year this way-- with firecrackers work, dragon dance and musical performance in Orange county for about 30 years. Each year , some 5000-7000 Vietnamese Americans come to pay homage to Buddhas and enjoy the show. Most venerable, Abbott Thich Minh Mẫn and his staff seem delighted in providing such memorable and delighting activities for people to remind them of cultural root. Vietnamese are very, very fond of "exciting" firecrackers and exciting themselves  Firecrackers, according to Vietnamese folklore, are meant to scare away the cruel, evil spirits to keep people safe and tranquil.

In a moment, normally right at the first minutes of the New year, if you were lucky ( because you come early--about 7pm), you might be able to experience the real and "surreal' experience of hearing the sutra/mantra, the pagoda bells, the ranting pronunciation of firecrackers ; of smelling the incense, the smell of firecrackers and witnessing the firecrackers' flying detonated "dead bodies". It can be very vibrant and pulling.

Pháo chùa Huệ Quang. Dễ sợ không đồng hương các t/bang xa.
Thầy trụ trì Thích Minh Mẫn , có lẽ rất thích tiếng pháo, và muốn cống hiến một phần nghi lễ mà Phật tử VN rất mến yêu là tiếng pháo, hòa trong mùi hương, quyện bên lời tụng kinh/chú, mùi pháo, xác pháo để chào mừng năm mới. Cũng đã hơn 30 năm rồi thầy tổ chức Giao thừa như thế. Tới đây , nếu đúng lúc, có thể có được một kinh nghiệm vừa thực , vừa 'siêu thực' của mắt thấy , tai nghe như vừa nói.


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