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Some comments, critiques on PBS “The Vietnam War” ( II)- LHNam

Vietnam Veterans Set the Record Straight After PBS TV Series Whitewashes Communism
The frustration of the Burns/Novick series is that they did so much good research, and there is a great deal of very worthwhile material there. But like having some little pebbles in your jelly beans, every now and then we vets bite down and suddenly have major pain. If the directors wanted to really strike a balance, why would their two chief helpers be Vallely and McPeak, both having been members of VVAW and lifelong antiwar activists? Why among the hundreds of thousands of grateful VN refugees living in California could they only find two had nothing good to say about the ARVN, the Saigon government, or the US attempt to save their country? If that's balance, then an elephant on one side of the seesaw and a toy poodle on the other will stay level.
Marcie Batten MarDivPhoto4 months agoBurns is a piece of work. Having heavily borrowed from Shelby Foote's Civil War histories with a conciliatory tone towards the participants, Burns has thrown gallant (now deceased )Southerner Foote under the bus attempting to destroy Foote's legacy along with any historical Civil War monuments and grave sites throughout the South. Burn's got his, of course, so to heck with anyone else not particularly useful to his liberal narrative. This obviously includes the absence of mention of the millions of Cambodians killed as part of the post Vietnam war genocide brought to them courtesy of those warm and fuzzy fresh from victory North Vietnamese communists.
Bill C • The prog media has been whitewashing communism for almost a hundred years. It's what they do, it's what they believe. The demonrat party, the prog media, and college campuses are the last redoubt of communist ideology
📷Tim L. Bill C •I don't know about "last redoubt." Many of them have graduated from college campuses and now control the HR and PR departments of most of America's top companies. "Last redoubt" makes it sound like they're losing ground.

Dusty Thompson Deadbolt • all the pervs are going down, except bill clinton, of course.
1Indioviejo14 months agoKen Burns has a history of brainwashing the ignorant public. For instance in his much celebrated series on the Civil War he gave much time to Black Veterans while they were a minuscule presence on the battlefield.
jon493 1Indioviejo14 months agoRidiculous complaint. Compared to the time given to the major Civil War battles and their participants, the time given to black veterans was minuscule.
Fred Beloit jon493 • Compared to the number of comments here over the years, yours are minuscule.
  • 📷Dusty Thompson • The champions of communism, socialism and fascism call themselves progressives, but they recommend a system which is characterized by rigid observance of routine and by a resistance to every kind of improvement. They call themselves liberals, but they are intent upon abolishing liberty for anyone not pledged to the cult Liberalism. They call themselves Democrats, yet they yearn for a dictatorship. They call themselves revolutionaries, but they want to make the government omnipotent in every way imaginable.. They promise the blessings of the Garden of Eden yet the results are simply more unsustainable debt that will eventually enslave our progeny. They plan to transform the world into a gigantic post office, every man but one a subordinate clerk in a giant bureau. Modern ctrl-left Progressive Liberalism is a serious and dangerous mental disorder.
Jerry Shaw • Sure, it's one sided and factually incorrect. But it's just this war - and that lying son of a bitch Johnson...
📷miatashinsen johnholliday • The correct response is, "Ken Burns is a total ass. Now what's all this about a Vietnam Documentary?"
aGrimm4 months agoI am not only proud to have served my country, but it was my honor to have fought for the S. Viet's freedom. Few Americans understand and more take for granted the freedoms we have in the US. When the bullies take those freedoms away, it takes men and women with courage to fight for those freedoms and to fight for those who are too weak to fight back. Supported by the US, the S. Vietnamese fought with courage and honor as did my fellow soldiers. The NVA also fought with courage and honor, but the difference is that their leaders were bullies of the worst sort and supported by the bullies of China and Russian Communism. The VC, also communists, were traitors to their country and just plain scum with their vicious tactics against civilians. S. Vietnam's government had its corruption problems (gee, like we don't /sarc) but the populace deserved the same freedoms we enjoy and asked for our help to honor the pact we had with them to help them preserve their freedoms. They are good people just like us. The US did the moral and right thing to honor that pact. Though at considerable expense of life, we and the S. Viets kicked the North's butt. Then Congress (Democrat controlled) threw it all away. My disgust for that Congress knows no bounds. We had shown the South just how honorable Americans are; that Congress showed who in our government have no honor.
📷kaba aGrimm • I fully agree. I served with the 196th Light Infantry Brigade from February 1969 until September 1970.
📷aGrimm kaba4 months ago'70 - '71 as a corpsman with the Marines. Those of you who preceded me did a fine job of kicking butt and it was relatively tame during my time. Though you were Army, I'm going to give you a Semper Fi and a thanks.
📷Sixty Ville • Ken Burns is just Michael Moore but with more self-control around the buffet.
📷Roman Wysowaty • This is just another reason tax money should not be used for "Public Broadcasting",. Burns and his ilk start with an agenda and adjust/edit their content to follow. If it can't justify some Leftist funding it, the rest of us should not be taxed to promote their propaganda.
📷TimJ Roman Wysowaty4 months agoDid you watch the documentary? Or are you just spouting off?
  • 📷Alexander Rawls • They don’t mention the biggest omission of all : that the war on the ground had been won as decisively as the war in Iraq, with the South having repelled and destroyed the North Vietnamese Easter Offensive with only financial support and air support from the U.S. Then just as Obama would do 40 years later, the treasonous Democrats intentionally handed our hard won victory back over to our enemies. Democrats pulled the rug out from under our South Vietnamese allies by defunding them and withdrawing air support, the most evil deed ever committed by a free people until Obama tried to do even worse. Ken Burns is absolute scum, radical leftist moral garbage to the marrow of his little chicken bones.
  • 📷USMC OV-10 Bronco • I didn't watch Burns Vietnam documentary and don't intend to EVER! Burns has repeatedly skewed his "history" in a leftward direction. His work tends towards half truths, innuendo, and leftward bias. To me that makes him the worst sort of liar.

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