Friday, January 16, 2015


People who wish to push ahead or join with the new-born civil society in our Fatherland: Please learn two main things from this video; they can help a lot to organize and push the movement forward and expand, unite groups
1. Learn how to say "No" ( of course, with knowledge of some laws and the weak points of the oppressing force , meaning, the "places" where these forces need cooperation from the citizens, for instances: payments for electricity, taxes etc (minute 50:00 on)
2. Things to change ( some of the ways the regime works, performs, acts) can start from a very small common group, even a person , then spread and spread (from minute 52:00 on ). The wish to change something has to start from you, if you want to change anything for better
1. Đó cũng mang 1 nghĩa của "Bất tuân Dân sự" ( Civil Disobedience). JUST SAY "NO"
2. Sức mạnh của lòng muốn khởi sự làm việc tốt. Nhiều chuyện có thể thay đổi được chỉ từ một nhóm nhỏ người bình thường, thậm chí 1 người, rồi lớn rộng ra. Muốn thay đổi chuyện gì cho tốt hơn đều phải khởi sự từ lòng mình trước tiên.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama participates in two panel discussions organized by the Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformational Values at the MIT's Kres...

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