Tuesday, December 6, 2016

OF POETS ( Nietzsche)

         They learned their vanity from the sea: isn't the sea the peacock of
         peacocks ?

         Disdainfully the buffalo glances, its soul near the sand ;  closer still is the
         thicket,  however,  closest to the swamp

         Werke in Zwei Bändën


Summarily, what F. Nietzsche said does not add or subtract anything for the poet. It sounds as he would , often times, want to join Plato in banishing the poet from their lands.

Lies and vanity ? Aren’t they open to any persons/careers ?

A poetical “soul” himself, somehow, Nietzsche’s heart contained contradictory terms for poets and poetry, just as many of us would regarding arts. And the ways he claimed the Greek authors had abused the sense of tragedy and other forms of exploitation would happen to any age, any writers of fiction, literature, artwork, not only the poets.




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