Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Buddha on God ( Jayaram V)

Jayaram V summarizes rather concisely Buddha's view on the question of God and a couple of other theological questions.

In which J V says: 

" The Buddha did so [ i.e. talking about God] with a purpose. He wanted his followers to remain focused on Nirvana without distraction" 

Note : 

That's true, Buddha did not want his followers to waste time on theological questions. But actually, Buddha wanted his followers to focus on, practice Meditation, concentrate on learning, cultivating Wisdom, Compassion and— not to think, contemplate much about the question of Nirvana. Through meditating on Voidness, Non-form ( no intrinsic qualities), Non-self (anātman) , cultivating Wisdom ( Prajñā ),  practicing compassion, gradually the practitioner may "encounter" satori ( flashes of Enlightenment) and taste/know what Liberation is. 



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