Saturday, September 15, 2018

Poetically Man Dwells (*)

     On Earth

And Body-Mind houses his Language

While Sky swooshes him up toward expanding Indeterminacy

Crescent moon swings with music

                                   in front of cradle

Crawling, walking steps

Mothers rock-lullaby babies in their laps

A bird quivers on a twig in the stopping rain

The magical rain itself

Leaves falling and

      rustling their bodies against one another

Amber, cerulean skies

Wuthering heights

Smoke from the chimney of a house in the evening

Whistling horn of a departing train

And the cannons that rock the nights

The books, the songs

All that make “ringlings”, soft or loud,

in the eyes , ears , or heart, or mind

shake two ways

             share feelings, sometimes callings

unify man, earth and sky poetically.

Lie down quietly in a field

Follow your breath now and then

and Listen

And I mean, 'Listen' by all means

You may 'hear' : “One in All, and All in One”.

Chân Huyền
Sept. 2018

* From a line of F. Holderlin

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