Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mrs. Hương's Call for Justice

Brief summary of the calling of this very courageous lady against the Communist party
My Vietnamese brothers and sisters, please support us, don’t let this land-robbing act from this communist government go unnoticed. I am Mai Thị Kim Hương, from the family of Mr. Nguyễn Trung Can… We are ready to fight the communists to the last drops of blood. They invaded South Vietnam on 4/30/75…today 4/14/15 the security police and communist cadres will come and force us to leave our home ( which is not much more than a wretched place of living with some roof – explanation of this commentator) and land, on the illegal order of land revocation, (with the unimaginable, dirt-cheap price : paying 300,000 instead of 23,000,00 VN Dong per 1 square meter at the present market price of that land— explanation of this commentator). This is an unlawful, illegal act to rob us of our land, our property. Please, my people, and Human Rights organizations, please witness this land, property robbing act of this government. We are ready to die to fight against it.


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