Saturday, May 11, 2013

From Earth Rise… - Tùng Địa Dũng Xuất

In the last monograph I have mentioned there should be some leader who can do something for Vietnam like Myanmar’s President Thein Sein for Myanmar(Burma). This is a transitory person/position before a better pro-democracy leader is elected. History has shown such persons: Mikhail Gorbachev of the former Soviet Union, Miklós Németh of Hungary. Now, on the surface, we have not seen such person in Vietnam. But I trust that there will be, in the right and prime time, when dangers lurk behind. When all factors come into play, meaning, power plays, position choices, security, conscience, commitment, intelligence, love and bond to Fatherland etc., one as such will step up, and the people of Vietnam will give him support. And the people of Vietnam, will step up their commitment and show their hearts, their love for their Motherland, just like the Bodhisattvas of Earth in the Lotus Sutra— Tùng Địa Dũng Xuất Bồ Tát trong Kinh Pháp Hoa.


April 2013

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